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Not sure how helpful this will be as I don't speak German but you can check it out.

Also for a very basic overview,

And I will assume you have seen this stickied at the top of the thread?

Military Buildings

War Lodge - The War Lodge trains Infantry and researches Upgrades. Trains Sentries, Bladestorms, Grand Masters, researches Infantry Upgrades.

Tree Dwelling - The Tree Dwelling allows the training of Ranged units and researches Upgrades. Trains Rangers and Wardens and researches upgrades for units and the economy. A mix of both military and economy this building is a boon to an early settlement for it's ability to create more villagers and elven archers.

Arcane Sanctuary - The Arcane Sanctuary trains Magic Wielders. Trains Enchanters.

Economy Buildings

The Settlement Tree - The Settlement trains basic unit and researches. It is also a Resource Drop Off point. Trains Male Wardens, Female Wardens, Builds Walls.

Empty great tree - Provides slow trickle of wood and is a platform for constructing other buildings.

Alchemy Lab -The Alchemy Lab can Transmute resources. It can Transmute resources to Wood, Stone or Gold. It provides a strong resource trickle to one resource and a minor negative trickle in the other resources.

Sylvan Shrine - The Sylvan Shrine trains Unicorns and provides a Food trickle. It also populates the forest with purchasable deer.

Tree Symbiosis - The Tree Symbiosis summons Forest Spirits, and gatherable Food, Stone or Gold nodes. Forest spirits provide a wood trickle.

Elven Residence - The Elven Residence increases the cities population cap. It will also contribute to the resource trickle provided by your settlement.
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