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Smile an honest bit of info for noobs

great guide funnily enough when i first started this game i searched for weeks to find such a guide (yes even on these very forums) and lo i could not find any help,of coursei was fortunate to get a litle bit of help from the 3-4 genuine players i found in game (thanks guys i will allways be grateful!),also at start the tutrioal was really silly and useless ,i figured ok fair enough god challenge work it out for yourself as that seemed to be how Dof was orginally designed,the lore was boring made no sense,it was designed in such a way one would often skip past the actual info you needed ... so now after much trail and error (way more error) i bring you my honest tips and impressions of a loser noob player aka me ,so far thsi game has cost me 3 entire pc's 3 monitors,16 coffee mugs(i don't drink coffe any more),1 gf, all my friends & family(yep i have no life at all),my sanity,my cats(gf took the cats),my dignity,my humanity,and most importantly any sesne of meaning of the word fun anyhow onto the important stuff while this guid above is incredibly insightful and helpful it fails miserably to tell the hoinest truth.. not counting any of the stupid bugs or lag crashes that have been covered boundless times before in other threads.. i talk about the core mehcanics and so called blance behind certain aspects of this game..
ok not once anywhere does it explain if you play humans in the south month region and are stupid enough to pick ecnomic mastery and master builders as traits .. you will effectivley have a useless city and have wasted any time at all you have sepnt on this city.. after reading every single piece of info i could find on the races and the mechanics of this game only now after some 6-7 months of slugging it out against inferior australian internet speeds,lag crashes,countless hackers and exploits and game breaking bugs on top of the fact although the entir etime io was playing hard and using what humans had at their disposal and 0playing fair and doing my best to encourage others and help by donating resources when and where i could.. guess what?? i was still a dead beat nerfhearding no good noob.. why you ask?? because every single pvp match was futile lvl 5 elves appearing on my map postion slaughtering my entir e lvl 20 army(yes dragon included) 5 seconds into match starting(even though the amry strength numbers we're close).. ,another example spawning in povp with an amry entirley of peaants.. (i only have these in worker camps and they are never selected) ,doing pvp in the orc lands with high lvl 20 900 point army(wich took ages to build btw) only to be wiped out by a guy with a cavalry wich is 30 units strong and 20 or so creeper plant monsters..(even though high powered magic units are supposed to be cut down so peope don't spam them) having people attack your castle with 1 wizard 40 minotaurs 2 swords and 3 archers claiming"yeha i will crush you with my human army"... THIS AND ONLY THIS IS HONEST!!! THIS IS WHAT NEW PLAYERS NEED TO KNOW ECONOMIC TRIAST ARE COMPLETLEY USELESS PICK MILITARY EVERY RACE IN FACT DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH HUMANS THEY ARE POINTLESS,SIGE WEAPONS SUCK,UNITS SUCKS EVEN AT MAX TECH THEY ARE WEAK AND SLOW ,DOF IN A NUTSHELL PLAY ORCS OR ELVES PSTART IN TEH ARES THIS GUYS SAYS TO START TO GET MILITARY BONUS.. DON'T WORRY ABOUT ECONMY COS YTOU CAN JUST BURN AND LOOT ALL NOOBS AS THIS IS WHAT THE CORE GAME MEHCANIC IS DESIGNED FOR NO MATCH MAKING FEEL FREE TO TAKE YOUR HIGH LVL ARMY AND RANDOMLY WANTONALY DESTROY EVERY STUPID NOOB DUMBENUGH TO BE LURED INTO THE FALSE ARMY STRENGTH NUMBER "MATCH MAKING SYSTEM" OH YEAH AND MOST OF ALL IMPORTANTLY HAVE SUPER DUPER FUN YEAH?? !!!!!!!!! NOW BACK TO RESTARTING FOR ANOTHER HOPEFULLY ONLY 2-3 MONTHS NOW GET A DECENT ELF ARMY SO I CNA AT LEATS HAVE A FIGHTING CHANCE AND FINALLY"ENJOY THIS GAME" P.S THIS WILL PROBALY BE CENSORED AS DEVS HATE BING HONEST AND ALLWAYS WNANA BAN OR CENSOR PEO0PLE FOR CALLING BULL**** <<-- SEE DID IT FOR YOU