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Old 03-20-2014, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
How about this

We add "Request Alliance Reinforcement" button to the screen - both the attacking and defending player would have this button.

When this button is pressed - all the members of the alliance who are currently online would see this pop-up, and would have 20 seconds to decide what to do.

Options are: -500 gold, -1000 gold, -5000 gold, -Decline.

If they accept this, gold is deducted from their homeland resources.

Now for each of the 500 gold deducted from each alliance member we could spawn 1 level 1 unit. If player contributed 1000 gold it`ll be two level 5 units, if 5000 gold, it`ll be 5 level 10 unit. The type of unit is based on the Alliance Members race (for each participant).

So for example - 3 alliance members decided to support, Orc player gave 500 gold, Human player 1000 gold, and Orcish player 5000 gold.

We`ll spawn a force of 1 Orc Slayers (lvl 1), 1 Human Swordsman (lvl 5) & 1 Human Archer (lvl 5), and 3 Sentries (level 10), 2 Rangers (level 10)

If player had something like 20 alliances members online donating units - it`ll be a much bigger force

These units would be player controlled and permanently join the army.
Sounds like a fantastic idea although I would like to se 4 vs 4 PvP battles.

But oh my god, there are guilds that have about 100 members, if each of them contributed with high amounts of gold, what kind of giant army could they create? Any population limit to it?
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