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Old 03-20-2014, 10:25 AM
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Will you guys be adding a guild feature that would allow multiple members to donate resources to a guild vault type deal, which can then be distributed to other members by the leaders/admins of the guild? Basically what we do now with crowns, but with resources too.

I feel like this would be easier than asking whomever is online for resources, since people that play in different time zones can donate at their pace, or withdraw at their pace!

though for this to honestly work we would need 4+positions with the power to distribute and they would all need to play at different times to maximize this setup....maybe make it so everyone can withdraw but add in a log of deposits and withdrawals so if someone takes an obscene amount we can remove them...or maybe add in a withdraw limit that anyone can take, and then the leader/admins can give beyond that point? Idk.
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