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Old 03-19-2014, 01:30 PM
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You wont ever really have to worry about that. Without the dragon you are sitting at 600 STR. Most people in this strength range are semi new or unfinished army's that have multiple units that are mid level composing of a larger but overall weaker army. With the resist, regen, total HP and self heal you can pretty much slaughter anyone. You will notice that I never even took any real damage. Its like that without the Dragon also. Grandmasters are a little OP. I have about 30-40 wins doing this across different cities. I use this set up when I log in live to check on people because its super fast to find a PvP match and I can usually win them in under 5 minutes. And also I usually don't have a dragon but I was trying to siege a city last night. I can also win any co-op/solo siege with the above set-up with dragon other than capitals.

And this is just for a cheap and quick way to find PvP matches. Not advance tactics and unit composition of larger armies.
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