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Old 03-18-2014, 01:17 PM
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As I wrote in the longer version, it would be only logical for archers to have some back-up weapon. Maybe shortsword for crossbowmen, dagger for archers, elven saber for rangers and knife for wardens?

Oh, yeah, I liked those units most in BfME 2. As far as elves go. Other than that, Uruk-hai all the way!

Yeah, I saw elven siege weapons only today, but what I meant was really purely mechanical, light ballista, or just oversised crossbow. Something like this, only on two wheels.

And that arrow-thingy looks intresting, but I see no means of launching those arrows. And it would be just mechanised squad of archers, wheras ballista could provide fire support in sieges against, say, archers on towers and take them out en-masse, or in the field against heavy cavalry.
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