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Old 03-17-2014, 07:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Great idea indeed. But can you guys provide some feedback - on how you see this feature working. I mean we can relatively easy make transferring units from your Market - Bank, into another users Bank. So it won`t necessary be an alliance only feature.
1 thing is transferring your units to another player, the bank should do the work in this case, maybe there could be some market between players both for resources and units, so players can gift or exchange them.

The other option is a guild member aiding and helping another guild member (maybe friend list too) the player would send his army to help the other player, but he still would keep the control over his army, so the battle would turn to be coop.

More nice features and additions:

Originally Posted by nightovizard View Post
Well first of all this multiplayer features:

And try to fix everything from what you've already done which is great

Then about dwarves and other races:

hotkeys for some abilities and actions/selections, so you can respond faster to a threat.

A way to know the actual maximum range for long range units (when selected, a circle could appear)

kickstarter could be a great source to get funded and make advertisment of the game

I would like to be bale to place walls and buildings wherever i want, but that still seems not posible yet, so well maybe something related with the scenario editor could be done here (Multiplayer matches on custom maps?)

Sending resources and units to other players.

I would like to see some kind of necromancer unit that summons the dead units of a battlefield (maybe undead could be an entyre new faction)

A way to program a ''stop producing food when it reaches X, and wood when it reaches x. so the rest of the total amount of resources you will have are either gold or stone.

keep the game progressive and appealing. Never stop making new content, this is part of the MMO genre.

It is a persistent world, but it presently feels like you have no real impact on it outside of your own city. Players actions hould have consequences in the world.

the guild leader to be able to build a guild city. Now this guild city can be used to combat other guild cities of different guilds, they can attack your guild city too. Every battle you win would earn you x amount + 10% of the opponents guild wealth. up to 4 vs 4 player battles.

make the world map bigger, with more strongholds and castles. With the new expansion, this probably would be widely welcomed. Also you could place a new continent at the other side of the great sea, along with yet to be released naval and sea battles.

Changes on the unit interface, for example I would like to be able to select all my units on the battlefield, because the number of units I can select at the same time is limited. Also I would like to see where my units are going to be positioned when I keep pressing right click and I select the direction they should face (similar to total war).
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