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Old 03-17-2014, 01:58 PM
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Just to confirm, we will be able to keep our current towns right?

Will there be any changes with the crown rewards from sieges
Yes there`ll be - in this expansion when you siege large town and win, you`ll have an option to Loot the town - which will give you gold and crown reward, or to capture the town - in that case you will not get the crowns or loot, but the town will go under your control.

And when will all this be available then?
Our best case estimate is first week of April - if we don`t encounter any new bugs with all this content e.t.c. Most likely release date would be around 15th-20th of April. Also we expect to have some bugs and problems during the first week - as expansion of this magnitude can`t be made 100% bug-free with our team`s little resources, so by the last week of April - expansion should be in a good shape:)

Adding a little spice and roaming AI armies disrupting your economy would give us more things to do.
With regards to AI attacking your towns - yes this is possible for us to include (not for the homeland, but for the other 30 towns player can have under his control). However - we are getting a lot of player feedback asking us not to - as they are worried they`ll have enough to do with other players attacking their towns. But - this would definitely be something we`ll include at some point - at least to try and see how it works out. You would actually see NPC controlled towns sending armies on the world map - and they would both be able to engage your armies or your towns.
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