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Originally Posted by ElderDays View Post
Wow you put a lot of great thought and work into these ideas. I'd like to give you a few more suggestions if you don't mind. First instead of ogres what if Bal Rattha was mainly populated bt human barbarians? They could be a small NPC faction with a few units that can be hired as mercenaries similar to the way dwarves are now. My next idea is for what is currently called the desolate hills to become a melting pot of monstrous humanoids. Along with goblins there could be trolls ettins gnolls (I know you said they seem a bit too much like werewolves but I love hyena men) and giants. Wizards are fairly active there so perhaps they created the creatures through magic or summoned them from other worlds. Again it would be an NPC region with interesting and dangerous new enemies with the possibility to hire some of them.

I still feel that lizardmen should be lumped in with dragons. The insect faction would certainly be unique but I think that might work against it. These are just my opinions though.

Awesome ideas maybe some day we will see a few of them in game!
Well it wasn't me who decided Bal Rattha to be the homeland of the ogres, and who populated the desolate hills with lots of goblins. It is said here:
Reverie World Studios Design Doc. – Regional Descriptions
2011-2012 Reverie World Studios, INC.

Terrain Type: Desert – Wasteland, with some empty lakes and lots of dying trees
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region
This is the home of ogres, who live here in such numbers that their morning bellows shake the desert sand with a sound like the world ending. Orcs have never sent their armies here, perhaps because there is neither a civilization to destroy nor riches to plunder. Thus Bal Rattha is left to ogres and exiles, and the latter rarely survive for long.

So at first it seems that region cannot be populated by barbarians, but I think that barbarians could be part of the beastmen, take a look:
If these could become mercenaries just as dwarves it could be a nice addition. (Minotaurs are pretty much beastmen, so why not adding more?)

Terrain Type: empty wasteland with hills and swamp
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region
It is unknown why The Desolate Hills are quite so desolate. In the Older Times, humans attempted to settle in the region, but their crops failed and their animals died. Some believe magic corrupts the earth, for the Order of the Deep is said to work their spells here, far from prying eyes. Perhaps the wizards have always worked to keep humans away, and perhaps it is partly due to their influence that goblins also populate these hills, a menace to any who travel through.

then desolate hills could have extra independent races too, maybe because of wizards as you said. but it mainly would be a goblin region, next to the dwarves ones, so expect some goblin-dwarf wars.

About lizardmen and dragons having some kind of relation, that's possible, but take into consideration that sssilistra is an independent dragon region:

Terrain Type: Mountains with open volcanos and dead trees
Major Strongholds: None – this is not a player region
Sssilistra is dragon territory. Its landscape is the stuff of childhood fantasies, though few ever set foot in that wild and powerful place. Amidst the blackened trees, fires spew from the volcanoes, which rumble ever angrily.

So I think that Lizardmen could have dragons and hydras in their armies (as well as other giant lizards/dinosaurs)

But just like ogres and goblins have their own territory, and work together with orcs, dragons would have sssilistra, and would work with the lizardmen the same way orcs/goblins/ogres do. I wouldn't annex/add sssilistra region to the lizardmen empire though.

About the insect race, it is uncommon, and I don't know of any other race that could be a good replacement, maybe tritons? but these are amphibious so it could be a bit problematic to balance.

giants are too big to be a main race. Battalions of giants would create many balancing issues. Though I don't discard them at all as they could be a support race for a main race, the same way goblins and ogres support orcs. Maybe beastmen.

The other race I considered too, are daemons:
But they have a huge relation with the fire element, and they remind me a lot the dragon race.

I don't know what the devs think about all this.

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