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Originally Posted by ReCoder View Post
Not familiar with wings 3d but here's a good introductory tutorial for topology/organic sculpting. You should check out his other videos as well, I've learned a lot from him as well as just playing around with the program seeing what crazy stuff I could cook up.
Thank you very much I'll check it as soon as possible!

I also decided to make some changes to the ''hipotetical'' final map, the black dot points are possible fortress/cities/towns locations. Also take into account that Goblins, Dragons and Ogres aren't playable (Dwarves too, but just for now, they will be in the future). Goblins and ogres are part of the Orc army, and dragons are totally independent, although that every race can control its own dragons. Dwarf mercenaries are controllable by all races too. (not sure if this will be possible in the future)

you will notice I added Aileanstria:

and the dwarf mines of Endhyr:

Humans/siege machinery/horses
Elves/living plants/spirits/unicorns
Orcs/goblins/ogres/siege machinery/wargs
Dwarves/steam machinery/Halfling/gnomes/golems
Beastmen/werewolves/lycans/minotaur/Saytrs/Centaurs/Harpies/Gorgons/other mutants
Insectoid men/Ants/mantis/scorpions/etc

so here is the map updated:
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