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Originally Posted by ReCoder View Post
Insects are an interesting idea, although if we were to incorporate all of this I would think that we would expand the map, perhaps dwarves on the existing continent, and then expanding the ocean and adding navies and continent or large offshore island chain to add the other races. That would add a considerable amount of depth to the game. Perhaps even fishing fleets and maybe some new types of units to harvest resources from the ocean!
Indeed, with the new empire expansion, new world regions would be welcome. More towns and cities to conquer as well as new races and enemies.

And yes since naval units are going to be added, i would make a new continent separated by the great sea. Considering this, all races should have acces to the sea. This would bring brand new features to the game.

Originally Posted by ReCoder View Post
Nice models! There are lots of tutorials on creating organics, I'm actually working on that for a school project at the moment. What software do you use? I may be able to point you in the direction of some good resources. While I like the location in the desolate area the fact that you put them in the two dwarf areas doesn't make much sense! Perhaps a map expansion would be necessary to incorporate them into the game world.
I use wings 3D and blender.

And i actually placed the new regions on blank sites as i used this map as base:

Decided to add the beastmen next to the dwarves regions as these regions are in the north and full of mountains, as well as far from civilisatio. also they have an entrance to the sea at the north. All this gives them a barbarian viking feeling, which is good in my opinion. This is a race i wouldnt place in another diferent continent.

Under the beastmen, you can find the undead, necromancers, vampire lords, zombies, skeletons etc... I decided to place them there for 2 reasons: 1 you know of the werewolf-vampire relation, thus i think the borders of both undead and beastmen should be connected. 2 there is a place called the deathlands next to it, perfect setting for them. They have an entrance to the sea on the south.

Then i decided to place lizardmen and insectoid men in a diferent continent at the other side of the great sea. These are the most "exotic" races, and they both live in the jungle and resemble aztecs and maians, so this new continent could be like south America.

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