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Originally Posted by ReCoder View Post
While other races are certainly hoped to have in the future this will not be soon, and if we add more it will be at the minimum in 2 or 3 months. Most likely later than that. Although lizardmen are my favorite :P
hope they are added soon but yeah, I understand that there are some issues and features that have to be fixed first.

Also I was thinking about something:

Humans/siege machinery/horses
Elves/living plants/spirits/unicorns
Orcs/goblins/ogres/siege machinery/wargs
Dwarves/steam machinery/Halfling/gnomes/golems
Beastmen/werewolves/lycans/minotaur/Saytrs/Centaurs/Harpies/Gorgons/other mutants

That makes a total of 7 races. I remember that in the scenario editor there is Gaia, and then 1-8 possible players. so I think it would be interesting if every player could play with a different race in a match, but for that another additional race would be needed, so the question is, which race you would add to the list?

At first I thought about the giants, but I see some problems with them, first its dimensions, the weapons they would use etc... I decided to discard them.

Then I considered tritons, a kind oh humanoid amphibious creature, but the problem is that these things live on the ocean, in a underwater city like atlantis. So well I decided to discard them too (although it would be interesting to see them, at least as npc's, or maybe living in islands).

so I came up with another thing, very uncommon in fantasy: insects. I know, they are senn in many scfi as monsters or aliens, but they are very uncommon in fantasy settings.

Imagine some kind of mantis:
or ants, leaded by a queen/king (Your hero)

I think it would be interesting, maybe the insectoid men and the lizardmen could have been enemies for a long time in a yet to discover land found at the other side of the great sea. (when naval battles are released I would like to see the ''great sea'' as a possible battleground between continents).

This is the actual world map:

where lizardmen land and other races land could be located:

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