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Old 03-16-2014, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by ElderDays View Post
I think beastmen could be an interesting faction. Just lump all the mythical monsters together sort of like in Narnia.

-Minotaurs -Saytrs -Centaurs -Harpies -Gorgons and maybe throw in some of the modern fantasy guys too. -Gnolls -Kobolds (The dog/humanoid kind)

Lizardmen should certainly be grouped with dragons.

Steampunk dwarves have been done to death. I'd rather see the faction focused on other things. Goat mounted cavalry? Animated ancestor statues? Giving them a gnome unit might be cool.

I think a barbarian faction has a lot of potential. Sort of a mash up of Vikings Huns and Conan. It might be hard to make them distinct from orcs.
Beastmen would basically be half men/half beast, such as minotaur and werewolves/lycans, -Saytrs -Centaurs -Harpies -Gorgons could be there too. But gnolls are pretty much like werewolves and lycans (at least the idea I have about them), and kobolds are something more for the lizardmen than the beastmen.

now that I think about it about what you said about steam, I would like to see golems for dwarves too rock creatures could be another option for them. Goat mounted cavalry? well that sounds hilarious at first, but if the goats were designed well, and looked bad ass, it could work.

Barbarian faction would be similar to beastmen, which is a cool thing.

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