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Old 03-15-2014, 10:43 AM
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Here is a list of thinks I would like to see.
1. Ability to customize your leader: Name, Gender, Choice of cosmetic skins. I would be willing to buy these through a cash shop.
2. Rescale the unit models: The units are way out of scale with the buildings and for some reason this just bugs the heck out of me. Please reduce their size by at least 25%
3. Decorative objects for cities. Things like statues fountains and banners. Again something I would buy in a cash shop.
4. Personalized heraldry: The ability to choose from pre made designs and colors or maybe even a tool to make our own.
5. More NPC monsters and races: I'd love to be able to hire gnolls barbarians centaurs etc. as mercenaries.