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Old 03-12-2014, 12:22 PM
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Default Thank you for the reply!!!!

My in-game name is Goddessa and my city name is The Forbidden in Bol' Forest'l. I'll stay off for 24 hours as I can't do anything anyways and it won't even let me move resources around from the different camps. I can't go into my city once out on the map. Couldn't even put two of my armies into camp mode.

I know it's not my computer as I have over 6 gigs of page memory free even after the game is in full rampaging battle mode, 3 TBS free on my computer, running @ 3.66 ghz, and running 2 AMD Radeon 6870 graphic cards.

When I first made the 10th army last night it read 1-10.I will also say that after it froze up and I shut down the exe. came back in and went back on map mode on the last try last night that the army slot numbers did not correlate with the armies actual numbers as the army I was trying to camp last night was army 5 but it was in the number four slot (but still reading army 5) like it moved my armies around. I couldn't see if it did it to the others because after pressing that army tab it froze up again.

This is kind of ironic actually as I was talking to Hi11ZONE the night before and said that after 24A had gone into effect the game was running much smoother and I saw fewer bugs. LMAO, the next time I'll keep my mouth shut as I think I jinxed myself.
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