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Originally Posted by HOC1Tricks View Post
the other thing that is the most biggest problem since about 3 weeks i dont get any quests after 3 weeks ( yesterday ) my town was sieged i lost after that the man (FRED) at my townhal talked to me again he was warning me about atacks to come and advised me to join an ally ( after that the questbook still empty ) where ever i go no npc or what ever gives me a quest and my questbook says nothing since 3 weeks or so.... ( Sir Lenoth wo talked to me at sometime..... the knight in camp next to my city) ----i can give him skill points and walk around with him.
I talked to this player in game. It has been about a month and his hero will not receive new quests in his city. The ? mark does not even appear above the quest givers head. His quest log shows no quests. He needs a DEV to further investigate his city. He has been waiting patiently.

In Game Name: HOC1Tricks
City Name: London

Attached are his logs.
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