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Old 03-05-2014, 09:47 PM
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So I solo sieged Makkada for 28 crowns, solo due to being unable to find anyone to Coop it with. Am I to understand that Makkada will garner only 28 crowns now, solo or coop? It seems the patch notes read that way.

In what way were the wizard top tier spells nerfed? I only noticed that the casting range is much shorter. The damage seemed about the same.

To be honest this patch is/was released backwards. The player base seems so small now that I can never find someone to coop with so the fixes are moot. Plus my army strength bumped up to ~3500, which I am assuming will make finding a siege partner even more difficult than it was pre-patch (difficult meaning damned near impossible).

Lastly, any time frame on the expansion? The lack of folks to play with makes this game quite boring now since I have completed all content a while ago and play mostly for nostalgic reasons. I pray there is a boom in player base from said expansion but I don't see how when, at least in my experience, there just any more than 10-20 people playing at a time.

Are there any plans to make stances permanent, or will they default back to the presets no matter what? I still have to reposition many of my 29 archers due to them chasing wolves every time I log on. Perhaps get rid of the wolves respawning after a certain time? I see no damned reason for the things beyond annoying the crap out of me.

That's all I have for now, here's hoping patch 24B handles most of my current issues.
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