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Old 02-26-2014, 05:41 AM
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Default Multiple cities support.

So I have started developing my second human city. This one is in Southmont. And I started getting several pretty interesting ideas for people that have more than one city.

1. When online with one city all cities on the account get the benefit of you being online (the resource boost and whatnot)

2. You are able to trade between your cities. You could do some kind of building that we have to build to do this, or it could be something as simple and less interesting as moving the resources around in a new UI.

3. When you had this new upcoming empire building instead of city building don't screw over those of us with many cities. What I mean here is if we have 5 cities all developed and upgraded, don't all the sudden give us the ability with one single city to build in all those locations. LINK all of them together. At least by race. Since the racial story don't change by location, you could do it that way. Say if we have all 3 human starting areas, let that be the start of our empire building.

Thanks for your time.
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