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Old 02-23-2014, 04:04 PM
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Why in Gods name is this game NOT written for the Microsoft supported O/S windows XP/Pro?
More than 70% of busineses refused to upgrade and so did the public, icluding us gamers. Microsoft is in a promotional mode to try and get busineses and the public to buy into their upgrades especially windows 8, but no one is buying the bull crap they are selling. Windows xp could have been updated to a 64 bit O/S but Microsoft decided they could make more money by putting out a new Upgrade and deliberately removed code that would have allowed 64 bit ability from XP and used it for the upgrade in Vista (which was crap) and window 7 & 8 ect...

I too have the same problem as this guy. lurching and freezing of the game. Started from begining of village right through having stone walls aroung my first village and does the same on my other two villages. I can still play the game But I have to wait through the slow downs, that can happen at any time, and re-start my computer at least 3 times each hour I play the game when it freezes and won't recover.

Pleasse don't say upgrade my O/S as the U.S. congress does not give us 100% disabled veterans money to keep buying new upgrades for our computers everytime Microsoft decides it's time to make another buck.