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Old 08-06-2008, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by frankein_fish View Post
numidians didn't save rome the biggest reason why Rome survived was their war philosophy: nothing execpt Victory can be accepted in war
And therefore where other nations would seek peace after some defeates the Romans just came back for more till they'd win
wow how stuborn were they lol

yea but the numidians played a role in their final battle

the 3rd punic war was stupid tho =\ the romans were afraid that carthage would use the army and navy it raised to defend itself against pirates and raiders to attack again so roman declared war again it makes sense tho with carthage out of the picture rome can just step on everyone

and carthage prob would have seeked revenge if given another 2-3 years with that army it was raiseing and hannibal would be ready for another go with a book of strategies and counter-strategies that africanus could not stop

but isn't it weird theres also 2 lone super omega powers and everyone else is allways really weak at that time so weird