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Old 02-12-2014, 12:02 AM
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Cool Is it just me?

I have been enjoying DoF for quite awhile now, but some things are just getting on my nerves. Then again, maybe it's just me.

First, the resources vanishing no matter what I do. I was okay with it for a while, but having 4 armies of 60 peasants to keep ~12000 of each resource and gold is getting tiring. I start each game time by clicking 59 times to move the goods into my city, just to watch them disappear minutes later. Mind you I have all research done, maximum walls built to include round towers at all tower locations and wall traps and trebs, but it is still annoying to have to have a "job" to do when the game starts.

This brings up another sticking point. I have 29 round towers and maxxed out 29 archers to man each one. The problem I am having is threefold. One; I can't click to control all my archers at once, to say shift stance or move to to focus fire if needed. Two, Why can't my darned archers stay/default to "stand ground" vice "aggressive" stance. My Royal Dragon defaults to stand ground when it should be aggressive, but I digress. Three; with the archers being aggressive, they abandon their towers to chase wolves (which I think are ridiculous to keep in the game, elves don't seem to have to deal with that nonsense) this combined with problem one makes it maddeningly difficult to put them back in their towers. Having to area select just to find my ideally stationary troops is maddening.

Speaking of archers, I have to respec them every time I am sieged since the leveling affects disappear when I go to world map. Meaning my range drops to level one range plus the attack is different as well as the ammo. Just plain frustrating when I can only click 16 randomly placed (the same 16 at that) archers to respec in preparation phase which I could be using to prep my cavalry, ring the war bell, close the gates, manually move peasants who ignore the war bell, move infantry to the side of the siege, etc.

I also was wondering if you could allow crown shifting between city slots. Since I have completed all game content in the human campaign and have 2000 crowns waiting for the crown disappearing bug. I could put them to use in my other city slot since I almost have no need for them. Maybe have a two for one swap rate, do I really need to grind out a new city when I already know the tenents of the game? So experienced players can instant build a new ciy, big deal. We don, need to be reintroduced to the game all over again. Then again, maybe it's s just me.

Speaking of cities, my city army value is jacked up as well. I have a 2000+ strength army stationed there, but is showing up in the world map as ~550. This creates situations where pvp siegers with enough cajones to attack are thoroughly outmatched by my cavalry alone. I have allowed two siegers hang out in a corner of my estate and ceased fire from the closest treb and archers simply because for them to pay off would be detremental to their future game experience not to mention the trouncing I would most likely deliver.

I understand you guys are trying your best, but maybe a touch more effort may be in order to clean up a game with a lot of potential. I still remember Konstantin sieging me with a smile. It was reminiscent of the opening screen, minus the wizards. I accept all sieges in the hopes another potential epic siege is about to take place (as of yet only one other due to my gates opening for some unknown reason, but my infantry was up to the task and that bug didn't happen ever again, so..)

In closing, please spend less time on tweeking wizards and just get the base game less/none buggy. If OP wizards show up to a siege, congrats you earned a pay off without casting a spell. But the little basic stuff is sufferable at first but grows in annoyance as less important matters are addressed.

That's all I have to say about that...for now.