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Old 02-11-2014, 04:38 PM
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Default Extremly ****ed Offf

A little fix here and there does NOT make things all right if players have to log off due to game freezes whether in their home land , in battle, or just wlking around the map to trade or train troops at the capitol after a battle,
Right Now I am sooooo ****ed off I would like to sue fraud by Reverie for releasing a game that they knew didn't work and yet marketed it and sold it anyway.
I have 3 computers with 3 different O/S on them and Arcana freezes, and crashes on all of them.
This is a patch that needed to be handled FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

This is something that should have been addressed after Alpha or Beta testing.

Just like Oblivion online that just had their beta test and had many game crashes BUT gathered soo much information and made changes and by the end of the third day players could actually play the game with few crashes.

Reverie really needs to re-evaluate their priorities.
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