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Originally Posted by Onomas View Post
Can anyone post stats for the minotaur unit and some of the other ones. I did a search and didnt show what i was looking for. Did a google and no minotaur stats either.
Other people will have to provide the information on how they are used. But here are the stats as requested.

[Level 1]
Strength: 20
Population Space: 3
Damage: 360 (~ 83% Slashing / ~17% Crushing)
Base HP: 25,000
Base Stamina: 300
Base Speed: 55/130
Base Resists: 35/30/45
Base Regeneration: 0
Magic Resists: None
View: 400

[Level 20]
Strength: 42
Damage: 810
HP: 55,000
Stamina: 500
Speed: 75/150
Resists: 55/50/85
Regeneration: 20 HP/sec

[Minotaur Army]
Population: 60 (20 Minotaur's)
Strength: 840
Damage: 16,200
HP: 1,100,000

Active Abilities:

Attack Move: Toggle button and task to area, they will attack enemies along the way to the destination.

Line Formation: A slow, powerful formation that maximizes combat effectiveness.
Stats: Time 3s, +40% Slashing/Crushing, -10 Movement Speed.

Tight Formation (Default): Very effective against melee units.
Stats: Time 3s, +15 Slashing resist, +10 crushing resist.

NOTE: You will not have enough skill points to max every stat out at level 20.
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