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Old 02-09-2014, 04:54 AM
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awesome news while sure i understand many will be dissapointed thier "strategy" has been nerfed of simply doubling or tripling up with the same core eliet unit it really is kind of dull and not strategic at all look at it as taking rocket launchers to a knife fight.. then you will understand why so many so called"noobs" aka genuine rts players get frustrated and find it game breaking when they last 2.4 seconds in a pvp cos they have theri entire army deicmated before they even get to fire an arrow or raise a sword to be fair i suspect eventually we will have to figure out some way top leader pvpers and o/p type guyswho simply wana go nust duking it out in that fashion should be allowed to but only against their own ilk like give them incentive to work with the smaller/newer guys buy rewarding them "tickest/crowsn" with the ticket system ala team fortress you get a chance to either save them up or use them to be able to join the elite battlefiled where only the striongest and bravest armies face off with each other in grand battl royales.. i am no game maker so forgive my imagination running overbaodr but i could really see this kind of set up working if it was at all possible perhaps like only one certain area of the map .. maybe it is like dawns version of hell or a pit etc? and can only be acsess by unlocking special quests and doing some lower level co-op stuff (say maybe a dozen helper quests to prove your your worthyness as a lord etc..and to show it just isn't might/brwan it is brians/tactis and honour that gets you the highest glory (at end game or twoard it) otherwise i notcie with most end games in onlie they just end up being glorfied social groups and raids etc. maybe this could be dawns asnwer to the raid ideal? and perpahs have extra mini games like timed quests or mult raids we're 4 teams either have to co-op 2 on 2 to capture the princess and esocrt her to saftey or capture the catsle and doinate the area and defdn it til the end of the countdown replace princess with whatever you like sacred crown,holy relic,weapon recue the dragon eggs etc possibilities are endless if they are technically viabal/[possible of course if i could mod,code i' would be building as we speak any how thats my 20 dollasr worth(2 cents) other than the hassles i have had i am super glad things are finally getting smoothed out keep up the outstanding work folks!
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