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Old 02-08-2014, 06:42 PM
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So I'm currently still kinda new. Just been building up resources, crowns, and doing the campaign before I go and build any walls.

So how many lightning storms does it take to destroy a battalion?

AoE's are supposed to be weak since I believe the AoE concept is to distribute damage versus a single spell which is supposed to be high damage but only limited to a single unit.

Why not add spell resistance? Making even the lowest of the units take several said lightning storms or meteors before being killed, granted that doesn't change the whole army of wizards, which I honestly think should be limited one to an army and/or account, and essentially being able to only have a 3 at a time, taking up a 10 or so army spots each. (Which may be hard due to coding but you get my drift?)

Dependent on how powerful the high level wizards spells are, they may need a slight nerf, but adding magic/elemental resist would in my opinion be ideal. Possibly adding an extra skill point per level to add to that, or not ha. Either way I'd love to see something like that.

In my opinion wizards should be a weakener not a all out attacker, being able to weaken a force before engaging with your main melee and archer force. Kinda like artillery ha.

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