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Old 02-07-2014, 11:59 PM
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Default Impaler & Beastriding Slayers Points bug

Hello, I have a problem, my warg-mounted version of the Slayer and warg-mounted version of the Impaler has a bug...everytime i use my magic perk "Charge" they lose some points for lv 1 Slayer or Impaler had 200 points and no 198...i dont know who from them...because i play German version and in german version he calls by name Bestienreitende Pfähler...he had at lv 1 200 attack points...after i used magic perk "Attack" ( - 50 mana, 30 sek, +125 attack and +50 speed) i lost -2 points... reset didnt and now my Hero chara lose points everytime i use this damn perk...because he has the same perk like warg mounted Slayer and ward mounted Impaler

I had 300 points then i tested

Picture 1 299 then it goes under after i used perk

Picture 2 perk is given me power and then after 30seconds and perk ends

Picture 3 i only have 298 points...

Update: after relog reset helped me by bringing my points back...but if im gonna use the perk again I'm gonna lose points again...I'm not gonna use this perk until its buged, I hope you guys gonna work on that,because this perk is really good...but bugged.

Update 2: Perk calls "Charge" and it bugged on my Hero and Beastriding Impaler & Beastriding Slayer

Update 3: after you use perk "Charge" you will always get -1 points after perk lose his power

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