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Exclamation In-game Rules, Code of conduct (chat and forum)

The instructions from an Developer or Moderator are to be followed at all times. Do not dispute or argue instructions within the chat room or you will be muted or possibly banned. Moderators and Developers have the irreparable right to mute you from the game without any warnings issued. By joining the forums and also the game you agree to follow these rules while posting and also chatting in game.

Please note the rules apply to all chat rooms and forum areas!


We have all heard stories about cyber bullying, and how it can harm those that are being treated badly. As a result, any form of cyber bullying, harassment, verbal or written violence is strictly forbidden and against the rules. If anyone witnesses any forum of this please report it to a employee of the company by submitting a request on forums or in game.

Developers and Moderators will have a right to issue a permit ban from chat or forums if such a situation occurs.

We will not tolerate, obnoxios profanity, abuse or any similar conduct on the forums or in the game chat at all times. If you disregard any of these rule you will be issued a warning or a ban from chat or forums temporary. If you keep doing it more than once you'll be issued a permit chat ban or forum ban.

Also, please make sure you speak English on the forum and the in-game chats. Our staff are mainly from the United States and don't speak other languages, so we ask for our understanding that you keep it English unless you are under the other language section in forums. In game chat is ENGLISH only at all times.

Any insults directed at the moderators will not be tolerated. Moderators contribute to this forum voluntarily, and can do without abuse from users. The administrators and moderators on this forum and in game will take immediate and appropriate action against any violation.


Yes this is allowed. Everyone likes to express how they feel rather its game related or not. Just keep in mind to be respectful to other players, and just have fun. If you abuse this and Start a fight swearing all over the place, and generally being inappropriate, you will get a warning. If you continue you will get a 3 day ban.

I : e Like if every other word of every sentence is f*ck this fu*king that f*ck f*ck fu*k. You get the idea, Simple!

Trolling & Flaming

Do not ever post in game or on the forums in order to anger other members of the community, or intentionally cause negative reactions. Depending on the post the punishment will be a a subjective call, but if we see a pattern over time you may earn a ban from the forums and in game chat. This is your only warning do not troll or flame the site!

Exchange with Support, Moderators, Developers in private

We understand the need for privacy, so any exchanges with our employee's will be considered private at all times. Keep in mind the staff may share the information with other staff, but this is the only reason why it will be mentioned. All confrontation and warnings will be done in private and not in public. Keep in mind it is forbidden to copy and paste your exchanges with employees or other members in chat or on forums. If you have a issue you may copy and paste ONLY to employees of our site.

Inappropriate Jokes

As we have had complaints about people saying inappropriate jokes in chat we had to add a section about this in the rules. Any players who say any inappropriate jokes in chat or on forums will be issued a warning, and if continued a temporary ban. The following jokes will not be tolerated in chat Racist, specific political subjects, mature subjects etc..

No political,religious conversations,discussions,debates

Topics such as religion and politics are deemed too inflammatory or controversial and provocative. They will have no place for us on these forums or in game. We are not trying to control you're rights however, do to the beliefs of people it could cause a fight. This is why we are banning these type of discussions on the game.

Complaining About Moderators

We will not accept any complaining about moderation in public area's. The moderator's and the staff are here to keep the system clean and worry free.

If you wish to report abusive moderating please send a personal message on the forum to our Community Manager Hi11Zone.

Remember to stay objective and constructive in your messages. Any rude or insulting messages to the staff will result in a immediate ban from the game and the forums . He will take the time to review your complaint and then hand it down to the proper staff for punishment.

Spamming, Flooding, and Scamming

Any creation of spamming, flooding, or scamming will not be allowed on forums or in game. The definition of spamming in game will be five or more lines without someone else posting, or repeating the same thing when being told to stop. Scamming will NEVER be allowed and will result a permit ban from our game and forums.

Please use the appropriate channels, using the wrong channels will also be define as spam :-) so if your seeking help use the help channel. If you're speaking to the alliance use the alliance channel, keep the channels for what they are meant to be.

Use of Capital letters and also Cap Locks

Please keep the use of capital letters down, no one wants to see someone shouting and yelling. Our staff will be allowed to use capital letters when trying to get everyone's attention.


Any discussion or circulation of exploits or cheats is not permitted here, and may result in a game ban and also forum bans. All cheats and exploits should be reported on forums at once. Any bug or exploits mentioned in game will be forgotten as we get too many a day. As for this reason we request you post it on the forums.

Refund Policy

From this moment on moderators will not issue refunds unless you give a post on the forums about the bug that caused the issue. We have had too many people exploiting the moderators for resources. This is why it's now mandatory to report the bug on the forums and link a moderator or developer to your post to refund you. Please post your log files with your bug report.

****ography and eroticism
Any links, advertisements and images relating to erotic content or content that is unsuitable for minors will not be tolerated. This also applies to usernames (nicknames) that contain or describe ****ographic elements or elements that are unsuitable for minors.

Racism and malicious incitement
We will not accept any malicious incitement, racism or political discussions, so kindly find another place on which to conduct this king of discussion. If seen we will take immediate and appropriate actions for violation of this rule! We reserve the right to edit, delete, or remove and posts that break this rule. The same will also apply for username names in game or on forums.

The administration reserves the right to amend and add to these rules. We would also ask you not to challenge or test our tolerance levels. Moderators and administrators reserve the right to modify the official forums and/or chat rooms at any time at their discretion and without prior notice. We also reserve the right to immediately and without warning ban you from chat or the game.

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