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Old 02-06-2014, 08:07 AM
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Default Oh you've got to be kidding :(

OK so up until this last week I was making enough money by harvesting gold and resources to buy 50 crowns a day.

As of two days ago I start saving up my gold and log out, come back and IT'S ALL FETHING GONE....seriously day 1 I went from having 80k+ in the bank to having 5k total.......then I was like "well crap this happens" so I just put the gold from my out of town work camps back into my town and brought my total up to enough to buy 20 crowns leaving me with 50k more gold and figured hey what the heck I'll let it build up and I'll buy more later.

I sign in this morning and my gold is cut IN HALF...I have 25k gold total in my town if all resourcing had stopped and my townies decided to go have a colossal drunken rave while I was away (granted they're peasants and all but still 25k gold and all resourcing stopped...they're peasants not Irish!)

Any help would be appreciated please.