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Old 02-06-2014, 01:39 AM
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For me my suggestions are
1.Being able to select multiple buildings at once (so if i have like 5 stables or something and i select all 5 i can click 5 times so all the stables start creating a unit)
2.NPC Towns you're at war with being able to attack you (it would feel more like you're at war with them if they actually send stuff to attack you)
3.Attack move not randomly turning off i don't like it when i charge my guys into the enemy and they run past them all taking free damage and i notice that attack move is turned off somehow.
4.Customized outfits/weapons for hero units, It would give more life to your hero which seems kind of boring on it's own like maybe add customizable clothing/weapons that you can make yourself like pixelart etc.