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Old 02-06-2014, 12:47 AM
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Default Resource Gathering Bug during siege

Was doing a market run with my army, with 100 food, 100 stone, and the rest of the storage cap in wood. Got invited to a quest co-op siege and accepted.

Immediately when I got into the siege, sent my peasants to start mining stone, and started using the catapults I had.

Catapults used up stone faster then the peasants were gathering it, so I eventually ran out.

However, somehow I ended up with 98 food (2 less then I came in with) and the rest of my storage taken up by wood.

When this happened, my peasants were still mining, but I wasn't getting any stone, since there was no room.

I traded some wood to the player I was in the siege with to free up some resource storage room. When I had some storage space, my peasants still didn't gather stone.

I stopped them, and then re-tasked them to stone, tasked to wood, then back to stone, nothing worked, I couldn't get any resources. Even when I tasked to wood, nothing was being gathered.

Uploaded the relevant section of the log. Co-op accepted around 5495.
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