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Originally Posted by Xavarion View Post
I have been on the receiving end of a wizard beat down, and also stood against and defeated them as well. There is nothing wrong with wizards.

The problem is they take people out of their comfort zones and that freaks folks out. Okay so you want to turtle up in your keep with standard troops, I want to crack that turtles shell and eat its meat. It's a pvp game with the option to not fight, so don't fight them.

So your pride keeps you from clicking "pay off", that is not the devs problem it's yours.

Fiinally for the devs, dragons have dragonslayers so wizards could have...wizardslayers. The whole mess resolved with a single unit.

Preferably a lone mounted warrior to run them down or a speed boost to a solo warrior type designed to kill wizards. High elemental resists with low s/b/p resist caps so it wouldn't be able to handle wizards but need to be escorted.

Then again this may be too silly, but so would nerfing the focus of the "Arcana" expansion. Arcana is referring to the arcane which in turn is magic which is used by...wizards. So you expanded and then beat the purpose of the expansion with the nerf bat?

I love this game so far, just work out the bugs then deal with the "That's not fair" crowd. Hell,one of the things that keep me playing is holding off Konstantin with opposing conventional armies. No magic at all and it was epic. I still wonder if it was "the" Konstantin or if it was him that he held back, but I digress.

In summation; leave wizards alone and/or make a wizard slayer. Great game, that is all.
You give that cav some sort of net that lets him snare and drag the wizard around and I feel like that would be amazing. Otherwise I would look into doing some other form of "anti" wizard unit.

A unit that could generate an anti-magic sphere would allow for players (on both sides) the opportunity to still participate in straight up medieval style fighting while working towards the obj of disabling the opponents spells/protection.

My other thought would be to add. . . A FOURTH WIZARD, and A FOURTH SPELL SCHOOOL. MUAAAHAHA. No seriously.

You add a fourth wizard and spell school (divine maybe? I heard the orcs and elves cast spells too. just as a thought for character skin) and this hero has AOE abilities mimicking the spells that current mages have access to. Instead of dropping a screen wide meteor/blizzard/lightning storm this hero stops any magic currently going on in the area or from occurring in the target area for an equal or SLIGHTLY shorter time than does the offensive spell. I would make them both equal though. This would also stop abilities like MASS HEAL, DOWNPOUR, ect.

Players who want to use magic to devastating effect should be allowed to do so, but should have to work for it. If a player wants to field an army which does not waste an army using magic it should still be their duty to defend against it, not just remove it from the game. Currently the defense for it are very limited though.

Magic should allow for some flashy, wrath of the deity sort of stuff happen; but only to the same effect as when I place 3 siege towers on a wall and rush it with goblins.

TL;DR In my opinion: Magic does not wreck you any worse currently than does a full army of spear men against your horsemen. The issue is that there is no means in which to field any other unit against the spear men currently.

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