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Old 02-05-2014, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Rouke View Post
I bought the game for myself and even talked some friends into the game as well this past week and a half and I have to say that wizards do not scare all newbs like you might think.

The first time I was in a co-op and saw a Wave Wizzy used on a city I was very much in a difficult place to try and figure out what I would do if that was my city having meteors dropped on it. All that in mind I do have to agree that wizards in sieges do seem to make for an unpleasant time.

My next point is even with the way they are now any time I have encountered a wizard I either engage him with cav, spread my army out, sick a dragon on him, or currently have been in low army value battles to just avoid them.

Do not remove them all together. But there should be a way to neutralize their spells. Either on a wizard to wizard level *Maybe Deep Wizard shield should last longer against spells with larger AOE =)* or the Magic Academy should have an upgrade which stops magic from coming over the city walls.
To balance the magic academy you would put the shield on a timer which would run out toward the end of the timer for the match, so if the attacker only wishes to use magic he gets half the time, OR, put the Magic Academy shield on a toggle which the player controls *I picture a pool of 500 mana -1mana/s*

Just thoughts from a newb. Heard a lot of rage about this game but I have nerded it up since I have bought it.
svulnar and myself play a lot and played a long time
and we help a LOT of new players, what your saying is not the message 90% give us
I doubt your armies are up to the str lvl needed for decent pvp yet so you properly haven't faced the pvp wizard

but all that is a sep issue
adding unthought out untested unit to the game changes the dynamic's of pvp massively
unless u pvp at decent lvls you won't see the effects, no time to form groups, wizards mix with other units in unit pic so have to be manually separated, and each has to have own ctrl group
to be able to use
the list is a mile long and unless you pvp at 1k or more it seems trivial
a lot played for epic long drawn out tactical battle not 1 minute 30 second wizard based stuff
just having the unit nerfed or not wrecks pvp, now need extra specialist units in EVERY army
but still only have ctrl 1-6, can't use any slow moving units now in pvp,
the changes they cause are far far beyond the mere spell damage
the unit was made by someone with no concept of high lvl pvp or strategy in battle

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