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Old 02-04-2014, 09:54 PM
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I used to enjoy the big battles where each player would be forced to try and out think and out manuever the other. Where you had to think long and hard about what you would bring, and hope that your opponent had the units you had counters for. Or even improvising when they have something you do not have a pre-made counter to. These fights were the life and breath of the strategy and just plain out fun that i had in this game.

Those days are over.

Now, i see almost no strategy anywhere i look. If they do not have a wizard, i tend to just steam roll people rarely even losing a unit or two, even in my armies that are same level as them. Most of the time i don't even get close to losing any units. The other kind of battles I see are against wizards which take out over half my army no matter what. Be it the calm where i am guartenteed to lose at least 1/3 of my army to its blizzard or freezing spells before reaching it. Or the infamous Deep wizard that can AoE my entire army on the move, and if i do somehow reach him before I take a hit, he can just make himself immune to all dmg for a good deal of time, sometimes even teleporting away when the protection is about to be up. The Wave on the other hand is the one wizard i feel is for the most part balanced. He has good damage, but it doesn't heat seek, he has decent abilities for defense, but he doesn't become immune to dmg.

The Calm and the Deep wizards need to be re-evaluated. In all the time that I have played this game, these are the times I have the least amount of fun, nay, none at all and at these times it is when i spit vile. I am fine losing every single squad i possess in a good fight, might take me a few days to get them back, but if it is a good fight I am good with that. What I am NOT fine with, is losing entire armies to wizards that kill them in AoE, in single casts. Be it instant freeze or lightning that follows you, these defeats **** me off the most. It is because it is the ones that require the least challenge for anyone to use, and the least fun to play with or against. However, they currently are the deadliest way to wage war, fairness be hanged.

You need to take a good long look at the players who defend the wizards and those who try and convince you of their error. And please, get that Learn To Play crap about a *guide on how to kill wizards* out of here. You should NEVER need a guide on how to just COMPETE with a single unit type. NEVER.
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