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Old 02-04-2014, 01:00 PM
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Hello Rustamius,

I am sorry to hear the issues you are having with gathering resources in your city. Could I get you to try some trouble shooting for me?

1) Remove all your workers from harvesting/gathering. Have them run to a place where they are not tasked and are standing idle.

2) Exit the game. If you are using the Steam client please right click on Dawn of Fantasy and go to properties. From there select game files and do a 'Veryify integrity of game files' check. Once complete exit Steam completly. Load Steam. And start the game.

3) Once in game load your city. Only task no more than one worker unit per resource harvest point. Wait awhile and see if you are gathering resources. If you are write how many total resources you have and log off. Log back on after 15 minutes and see if this number increased.

Also if you could answer some questions so the DEV team could investigate farther. What is your in-game name and the name of the city that you are not able to harvest resources. Have you tried harvesting resources from a new city? Does it work? Also, please attach your game logs in case the DEVs need them.

Please let me know if the trouble shooting helped or not, and thank you for your patience in this matter. We hope to get it resolved soon. If there is anything esle I can do for you please let me know. Thank you.
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