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Originally Posted by Langor View Post
Hello all,

Been doing some research to create a crown farming army. Thought I would share my findings (Some of it) with the Dragon portion since everyone always ask what Dragon is the best. I always tell people each Dragon has its weaknesses and advantages. As every unit, I don't think there is a single unit that doesn't have an advantage. But note I didn't include the Ice Dragon or Haunter Dragon. If you want to know about them refer a friend or enter one of the twitch events to obtain one.

The following are the base stats at level one, the max stats the Dragon can have at 60 (remember you won't be able to max all the stats) and the base max damage/HP if you created all the same type of Dragons in an army.

Remember there are a lot of factors that come into play when designing an army. One of the biggest things is calculating the damage you are out putting to the amount resisted for the effective damage. Also, the amount of hit points you have and the amount resisted to determine the effective amount of hit points you have. But these are some of the mid to advance calculations one needs to make when choosing units. But you will also have to calculate in what roles they are going to play, what are their primary targets or what they're defending against, etc, etc.

But this post is to just give you a foundation to see the base stats of these Dragons. Not to talk about their effectiveness and uses. Though I give you the ground work to figure this information out. If people request, as I do research for my other armies I can do the same as this post and list base stats. Hope you enjoy.
can you make the same with a wizard army
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