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Old 02-03-2014, 07:13 PM
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I went to your websites downloads, what are you even using to provide those downloads? I haven't had a 1 hour download on a file below 6GB since the days before fibre optics.

I'd just like to be linked or have someone explain how DoF qualifies as an MMO?

To me it seems to be an average game with multilayer options, it has bugs such as losing in game data which you then blame on a client/launcher, yet I have never played any MMO that has had such issues, since they store your data for you and clearly have adequate backups.

Even FPS games that have single player options with vast multilayer capability provide some sort of reliable data store. If you grind rank on a halo game, or prestige on a call of duty game, you can't simply log in the next day and see the game has suddenly stolen your progression.

EDIT: I really think someone needs to start providing more explanation in regards to these issues. I'm not sure how often people here have bothered to read patch notes and posts by community managers regarding issues that are causing a great deal of dissatisfaction, but I strongly recommend some of you do.

If there are any crippling or annoying issues that are ongoing, there will usually be some sort of post in order to update the community and assure them what steps are being taken in order to resolve them. Then later within the patch notes provided, errors and bugs that are of a more technical nature usually have a brief but precise description as to the resolution and sometimes cause of the issue.

This usually proves preferable to leaving cryptic responses and simply leaving those who are not highly versed in computer game programming in the dark.

An example would be this (there's huge updates on games like this, I realise)

"Improvements made to Patcher to alleviate issues with corrupted file pack error" - Note how the issue is specified in terms one can understand.

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