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Originally Posted by nocroman View Post
I would think that if Reverie World Studios wants Steam to stop selling their game for $4.95, then they need to make the game run well on Windows XP Pro through Windows 8.
Steam sells the game for $4.95 after Reverie Worlds asks them to for promotion purposes. This usually only happens after a big patch or expansion comes out to bring in new users. Steam does not choose to sell this game at $4.95 because they think it needs to run better on Windows XP Pro or through Windows 8.

Originally Posted by nocroman View Post
And yet they have forgotten that over 10 million computer owners and gamers refused to upgrade beyond Windows XP, as vista was crap, Windows 7 was junk, and windows 8 was something even businesses refused to upgrade to. So why was this game NOT written to include Windows XP o/s users?
I don't know where you got your facts from. But the most accurate information I can obtain for our targeted users (gamers) is from Steam. Steam have over 65 million users and are hitting 7 and a half million users online during peak times. There are more gamers that use steam than don't. So here are the January 2014 system operating statistics from Steam users.

21.31% Windows 8
63.07% Windows 7
6.25% Windows XP
4.3% Windows Vista

So if you do the math there is only 4.062 million users that still use Windows XP out of our intended audience. Not 10 million. But that also leaves us with 57.642 million users that use these operating systems that you dislike that we do support.

But there is just more than that. As technology evolves there are features and functions that are not compatible with WinXP with how the OS was coded. Great example of this is the limitation of ram the OS system can use. (Except the 64 bit professional edition that only 0.29% of steam users use). But there are many other protocols and DX features that this OS does not support. There is quite a big list, and as this ancient OS is not supported anymore it opens vulnerabilities that can be exploited as the code to this OS will not be patched as they are found.

Originally Posted by nocroman View Post
I would suggest a much bettter game engine to start with. The one currently used by the program is NOT efficient enough when using a CPU or High end video card that processes faster that the game engine can supply the data.
As I have a high end system with SLI and so do some of my friends who play we are not experiencing these issues. But also falling back to the last paragraph I wrote about the Windows XP not supporting features, there is a DX11 graphical update in the works (TBA). Windows XP does not support DX10 or 11. Another reason why this outdated OS system is not officially supported anymore.

I hope I was able to answer your questions today. I am sorry that you are having issues running the game on Windows XP Professional edition (64bit?). I would suggest you really look into the Windows 7 OS. It is really not that bad of an OS if you have mid level or above computer components. I think everyone should have the chance at playing this great game. If there is anything else I can do for you please let me know. Thank you.
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