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Old 02-03-2014, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by CalamityGear View Post
I know they exist and seeing as how you assume i know absolutely nothing about the problem based off my opinion on the matter is idiotic and to be blunt, You're being an ass about it.
Also i ask my friends who have been playing this game probably longer than you have about the issues and problems i might face/what they have faced throughout their experience with the game and i know it's still a big issue as i see people talk about it in the world chat alot also.
However I'm not here to educate you on your mistakes either but i'll simply tell you that your assumptions are incorrect also.
I've not played this game long and I've suffered a wide range of daily crippling bugs that other people aren't necessarily experiencing, there's no need to come in here and start trying to attack someone for expressing their dissatisfaction with a product.

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