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Default Balancing this game.

I have read some comments lately on the controversy of balance in this game, and the fact that right now wizards seem to be overly strong. I posted in one of the previous topics about the merits of hero units having a limitation in the sense an army can only field one.

I took the liberty of looking at the history of the studio that designed this game, and I saw that a few of you used to be scenario designers. I'm curious if it's scenario designers who are testing and reviewing data in regards to balance on this game, or people who played supremacy ladder on games such as the AoE/AoM series.

When I look at DoF and the way you build your crowns, produce large amounts of elites and can eventually make a small army of elite units capable of face rolling anything, AoM (Age of Mythology) came to mind, since at that moment it felt like I was playing a game of mythodea.

I'm not sure how many people have played the AoM series of games competitively, artistically or otherwise, but the way you design your forces in this game has a striking resemblance to your average fun filled scenarios which were far from balanced.

Some examples using Age of Mythology:

Making a force of hydras/elite myth type units on this game - when properly levelled these are capable of decimating most things, and there's no real hard counter to them apart from armies of equally lame strength in the sense it's comprised of crown heavy elite units.

Hydras were a myth unit in AoM, and they were good, but easily countered by any unit with hero status, which had a huge bonus against myth units, which added to game balance - these creatures if used tactically were devastating, but one hero could easily badly damage/kill a few of them.

Heroes again in AoM, you could only produce one of each type provided as you went through the ages, so this meant you had units that were excellent against said units, but the greek races for instance, would only have a maximum of 4 heroes at any one time.

This promotes tactical use of few elite units, and more heavy reliance on properly using normal units to win with solid reasoning and good tactical thought.

If you really wish to make this a balanced, enjoyable MMO "> RTS <" then you need to follow a more supremacy based balance system.

You don't have to take the fun away from those who enjoy their sieges with armies of these units, you can have that mindless scenario fun aspect in PvE, there should just be some sort of limitation in order to ensure the PvP aspect of the game stays fully balanced.

Mythodea for those interested:
Age of Mythology:
RTS Sanctuary: (a hub of fun/competitive recorded games posted from numerous RTS)

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