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Old 02-03-2014, 09:50 AM
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Hello my friend! and no worries about you english... I understand you anyway

i hope my answers can prove helpful for you:

1)Whats maximum number of houses ? i have already built 90 houses and several more, but livepaces do not get more , than 90. What can i do ? (90 is the max pop cap in cities and the max pop in armies is 60. as far as i can remember you can get up to 150 houses ... not completely sure, but the reason why you should build more is they increase your resource cap in your city by 100).
2)Sometimes NPC voice in my homeland talking someting about "stealing gold"/ Whats happend? how can i correct this? (Its your guide whos talking about stealing gold, the reason why he is talking about stealing gold is if you have to much gold, you cannot store more gold than your resource cap, if you do then you gold income will decrease, if you have much more gold then you will start loosing it.)
3)Why i couldnt bulid Human Guide Hall? (Are you sure you have enough gold and crowns? and are you in an alliance)
4)Why i couldnt uprage Trebuchets on my stone walls? I have already research Petraries in Siege Workshop... (You can only build Trebuchets in your towers / points which doesn't look like the normal wall)
5) Can pleasant huntin
g on deers ?)How? (Your peasants can only slaughter you own livestock, there is a button on your livestock which can be pressed so your peasants can kill them and gather food).

good luck, if you need anymore help then you search for me on Youtube, i go under the name "Wilff481". have a nice day!