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Old 02-01-2014, 10:12 PM
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Default Unadressed issues

Today I am unhappy to announce that the big patch did not address the issues of game lag especially in the human game. Slow loading, lag when just watching villagers or armies moving in vilage, super slow when marching across map to do a quest, consistant crashes and lockups before, during and after battles.

The only other game I have ever experience this on was one by Silverload which was solved by them using a different game engine.

This is a good game IF it worked properly! Figure lurching across the screen does NOT make for a fun game.

I would think that if Reverie World Studios wants Steam to stop selling their game for $4.95, then they need to make the game run well on Windows XP Pro through Windows 8.

I would suggest a much bettter game engine to start with. The one currently used by the program is NOT efficient enough when using a CPU or High end video card that processes faster that the game engine can supply the data.
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