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Originally Posted by Loriael View Post
How does one participate in one of those "twitch events"?
How often are they held, when, and how?
Hello Loriael,

The easiest way is to subscribe to Hi11Zone's channel (He posted above you & link in the signature) and MOD Wilffio's channel in the following link:

Twitch will email you when they are doing events. If you are in game they usually announce them. Hope this helps!

Aditional information: They usually email you a code through twitch message if you win. They hold different events. Usually a question about the game and the first x amount of people will get a chance at the code. The MOD/DEV will randomly roll out of the people who guess right to see who wins the code. There are many ways to win this is just one for an example. To claim the code you must be in game and select the market icon in the bottom right of the screen. You insert the code under Redeem. Also, it will go into your bank for that city which you must deploy if it is a Dragon.

EDIT: And Wilffio does one every Wednesday at 12PM PST also. If you want an exact time of one.
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