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Old 02-01-2014, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Langor View Post
Why not make all elites limit to one? Why not just have each race have one tank, one wizard, and one damage dealer. Because to create strategy you need diversity. That's why. The more diversity the more strategies.

EDIT: And by making it only one wizard allowed does not fix the following problem. So now we have 1 wizard limit that will be nerfed down to just another generic unit instead of expanding the game upwards to more complex battles while keeping them away from the lower strength armies.
I didn't realise diversity entailed making armies of the same overpowered elites, I might need to read up on the definition again. The reason most RTS games only allow one elite, is because they are elite.

It's STRATEGY, you are supposed to micro manage and use regular units to defeat the others, and tactically use your limited elites to their maximum potential to influence a game. Thus, strategy is born.