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Old 02-01-2014, 05:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Wilffio View Post
Why not just make a limit on 1 of each wizard? case solved.
Why not make all elites limit to one? Why not just have each race have one tank, one wizard, and one damage dealer. Because to create strategy you need diversity. That's why. The more diversity the more strategies.

EDIT: And by making it only one wizard allowed does not fix the following problem. So now we have 1 wizard limit that will be nerfed down to just another generic unit instead of expanding the game upwards to more complex battles while keeping them away from the lower strength armies.

Originally Posted by teinage View Post
The screen loads, my army is all together at one spot and litteraly 3 seconds later BOOOM my enemy ( who had 1 wizzard and 3 horses) launches some Lightning on my troops. My enitre Army ( 42 units) GONE, all exept for my ogers... WHO THE HELL on the developpers team was thinking " lets make a wizzard, that can attack from across the map, that can launch lightning ( btw that attack follows you ???? WTF) and destroy the entire army. so one unit can kill 42 units No problem. Now you have to admit that this sounds pretty damn ******ed right ?
Originally Posted by Haldol View Post
A wanker showed up with a lvl 40 mage and around 10 units... I thought hmm can be fun this fight... But no it was not, not at all... Why not ? 1 lightning bolt destroyed my whole %#@# army lvls ranging from 5 to 15.
Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
We`ll be again nurfing the lightning storm in the upcoming patch. And I`m also really sorry about this terrible experience. Same happened to my level 60 maxed out army yesterday - I know the feeling.
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