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Old 01-31-2014, 06:17 PM
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Default Coop Issues

I invited my friend's army for us to try a coop siege together, however we were unable to complete it as it had so many problems.

First off, he was alerting me to fires in my camp damaging my units on his view ,yet on my own there was no fire nor any damage. Shortly after he was under attack by spreading fire yet I couldn't see it in his camp.
Then later on when we wanted units to support each other I could not see what his units were doing (or where they were for that matter as they looked inactive to me) and he could not see the damage my siege equipment was doing to the enemy walls. This was not a problem earlier in the attack though.

Then ultimately he got disconnected and the units I controlled because completely unplayable. Their animations were stuck in a fraction of a second loop yet I could still select, deselect and open the main menu.

The frozen loop I had occurred right after he got disconnected as though i had lost connection to the game or host. What is going on?