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Originally Posted by rbfloat05 View Post
yes buff dragons please I think they are verylackluster as well for such a majestic creature.

they shouldbe most powerful in the game
I am going to have to completely disagree with that last part. Dragons SHOULD NOT be the most powerful unit in the game. When you make a unit stronger than all other units you are forcing players to play with this unit. Now all strategies have to be created evolving around this unit because it is a required unit to be competitive. And what's worse is, now you have a generic game with cookie cutter strategies and army builds.

If EVERYONE wanted a "most powerful" unit in the game, they already have had the perfect candidate for that since launch. And for the sake of argument about dragons, who always kills the dragon? The hero. Not only in most games you are the hero that sooner or later becomes the strongest, there is only one of you.

So speaking on terms of balance, Heroes should be the strongest unit of the game (if DEVs wanted a strongest unit). Everyone STARTS with one. Everyone can only have one. And this would not dumb down the game with only one strategy as you could only have ONE between your 10 armies and city defense.

Anyways I am rambling on. So I look forward to seeing what they are doing with Dragons since between the five dragons they have basically (lightly speaking) all the same stats which generically decreases dependent on strength and population cost (Other than the range on their generic active abilities).

Just some food for thought.
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