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Old 01-31-2014, 05:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Zeikon View Post
the issue isnt meeting 1 wizard, the issue is an army of wizards obliterates your whole army in an instant, and thers nothing you can do about it, and dont say spread out, coes it does **** all.
its blatantly obviously overpowered as they are now, the only thing you can do against a wizard army is throw and army of dragons at them, that is the 1 and only counter.
if you just limit 1 of each wizard per army everything would be fixed.

Okay as far as so called "wizard army" just try it youself, it is not easy.

More wizards mean less soldiers to protect them making it even easier for you to kill them. try making a bunch of wizard, first mistake, first few soldiers to get through you have alot of dead wizard on your hand, an armies with alot of wizards have no support and quickly the wizards die and you will be losing hundereds of thousands of gold since wizards need to be high level to even cast many of their spells...

Not just dragons, heroes, soldiers, will all kill the wizard just fine, they are the lowest health squishy unit in game