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Old 01-31-2014, 01:22 AM
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I stopped PVP currently because of Wizards. I think not, that 1 wizard with Lighningstorm is really a problem, but 6-8 of them are...

You make a group, cast with all of them at same time Lighntingstorm and watch how oppent just dies. Where is the strategy? Where is the fun? As the storm is following the target, you cant move out, and you dont see which unit was targeted.

Sure, you can tell me to find out really fast which unit was targeted and to move it out of the army, but normally the damage is already done. I saw multiple level 20 units dying, with 25000+ HP, in no time, and that after the nerf.

It seems that you only have to take more wizards with you now, but same effect.

The following storm is the only problem, once again, its NOT mainly the DPS of it.