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Old 01-30-2014, 11:54 AM
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Default game balance recommendation

Hi guys,

I am new here, but I am loving the game, even with some bugs and balance issues. The campaign quest lines and graphics are pretty to me, and pvp can be pretty fun when it is not uselessly laggy or my UI doesn't lock up control of my units.

I just wanted to share an opinion for this discussion not necessarily for or against wizards, but for game balance in general that you could try to adopt across the board:

I think the philosophy of game balance needs to be taken into consideration.

When you nerf everything to be all equally useless or buff everything to be equally OP, you could get balance, but it would be like everything is white or everything is black, all races symmetrical stats-- same unit just different graphics. Some games do this, and it is not as cool as having the kind of variety of units and abilities that you have here.

I recommend the following: rock, paper, scissors (or the enhanced version: rock, papers, scissors, lizard, spock). That game is very balanced. Why?
Everything is powerful against something, everything is weak against something. Every unit is overpowered, but every unit has a total counter.
Other examples of where this is done: Guild Wars, DOTA, and other similar pvp-oriented rpg (warrior beats rogue, rogue beats mage, mage beats warrior).

Right now, as some people say, there are some counters to mages, but maybe not as effective? I don't know enough to say yet. I'd like to learn about them.

I would offer the "rock, paper, scissor" game design philosophy for balance as an alternative to "making everything equal".

I'd love to hear the dev and community thoughts on this and I hope you can continue to make the game better for most of us! Keep up the good work.