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Old 01-29-2014, 08:20 PM
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First and foremost, it isn't just a handful of people complaining about mages. I suggest you actually read the general chat sometime and see just how many of us find them broken. Also, I have mages, I fully admit they are OP. Especially in a siege when you're attacking someones defenses. It's hard to spread out forces in a town. Now before you go "Focus fire on the wizard", I'll tell you exactly what happened with I tried just that before the last patch.

780 point defense city vs 440 attacker. I am the defender, hes the attacker.

2 mages on attacker side, 46 calm, 50 wave mage, 2 halbs, a few foot knights, lots of swordsmen.

I have a mix of 9 mounted level 11 knights, 12 foot knights of levels 8-20, 2 level 12 dwarf rifles, 6 level 6 rangers, and a mix of archers, crossbows. Also around 4 halbs, 7 swordsmen, dragonslayer.

My mounted knights are specced for damage. Around 600 on each. My wizards are in my army which are not in the castle. he has an opening in the rear, I drop a rear charge into his deep mage since his calm in in a mix of foot knights, they plow through the halbs and slam into him, 30 seconds of combat and his mage has only lost 25% of his health and my knights have been stam drained to the point they cannot break the engagement.

So that's 9x600 for 5400 damage, and they couldn't take down that wizard in that time frame due to high hp regen + stamina drain. Not to mention when my knights ran away, they were completely finished off by meteor swarm which followed them hitting them everytime.

So yes, please cry more that your broken unit is going to be nerfed, because name me another unit in the game that 2 of them in an army can literally shut down a front. I don't see 2 dragons doing that.